Bijou Bazaar@Solaris Mont Kiara 29th & 30th Nov

Last wEekend was a blast. we had so much fun with artRage @ soho mont kiara. best gilakk. ada byk live performance by indie bands yg best2 like deepset.. ( n ada this girl with her acoustic band members *chup* ain zulkifli if im not mistaken nama dia. best. she said her voice tak sedap but to me sedaaapp je. dia nyanyi lagu kaseh n lagu beatles i wanna hold ur hand :D *ouh* yes. n this dude. dia main flute. tp pakai hidung! awesome. *haha* *yeah* we had a great time there, bermain2 dgn digital art installation by a digital artist (i forgot his name) *maannn* byk sgt mkn semut. did u know that the semuts taste like candy? *kidding*

penat tapi best. thank you to the organizer and to those who missed it mmg rugi. well i heard theres gonna be another artrage next month same place. we'll definitely be there :D

Bijou Bazaar ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL: brit invASIAN 29th & 30th Nov

LaQoo at U.O.X Play@Capsquare KL Saturday, 15 Nov 2008

Saturday, 15 Nov 2008
From 2pm-1am
Capsquare Boulevard

It was a blast. We had so much fun! We did our first fashion show with only 3 ever so sweet models. Thank you for all who came and support us. Looking forward for the next event same place next month :)

LaQoo With Pick n Grab On Nov 8 & 9 2008

From 10am - 5pm@Hartamas Square

Who will be joining us at Pick & Grab? Check them out here:

1)Flowerdrums Bags
2)The Chic Boutique
3)House of Allure
4)A Fitting Room Boutique
5)Nina One
6)Petite Maniac
9)Buttons buttons
10)Bow group
11)Chia Vintage
15)Dyi's Shoes
19)My Favouritees
20)Crystal & Pearl
23)A Desire Boutique
24)Fashion Avenue
25)My Homaniacs
27)Marie's Creation
29)Vintage Biri Biri