happy new year!~

Love, happy new year! LaQoo had a great nite finishing 2008 & starting 2009! thanx to our beloved cute little friend edward (photo : in the middle) for inviting us to this spectacular party. the crowd was juz nice. not too crowded with bunch of fimiliar faces. The party started with some bands playing their stuff. *yawn. we werent paying much attention to them coz we were bz attending to those who have came n supported us. thanx a million! plus to those who bought some of our findings of coz we love u more~ told you.. u did get a good bargain rite? rugi sape tak datang. hihik. :P everything started to kick when stone revivals started to play. they have some really entertaining numbers. go check em out. they'll b performing @ cloth & clef soon. ouh! i forgot bout the fireworks!! it was awesome.. as always. lama jugak. like 10minutes. cannttiiikkkk. :D then while listening to bitterswEet, najib

(this really cute guy from foulworks independent movement DJ, who was actually dedek's ketua pengawas when he was schooling, can u believe it? - photo: the one wearing hoodie) :P came to us and ask us to move inside coz he will be playing soon. n so we've decided to call it a day (for LaQoo) and join the party once we've already done packing. Foulworks mmg best. Well najib uve found urself two new peminat :P Most of our friends were there as well. We ended up having a good time while enjoying to the interesting sound that Foulworks produced. We had a blast thanx to edward from Lah Lah Lands & friends. Hope u guys had fun too ushering 2009. May we all hv a gr8 year ahead! :D LaQoo will be coming out with a series of limited edition tee's. So.. Tunggu~.. :P Love ya!

p.s: malas nk edit pictos so enjoy this raw fresh out of camera pics :D

Year End Sale!

yup! we'll be celebrating New Year @ capsquare! be there if u want the year end price! one nite only! hope to see you there~ :D

Christmas Shopping!!

we'll be @ Show pink Christmas Junkyard Sale this Saturday! Hoo Haah~
20th 21st DEC 08
1 pm - 7 pm

NEW YORK Year End Dinner & Dance

LaQoo participated in a fashion show with the business student council at The Apartment Downtown KLCC. LaQoo DID NOT had much fun in this event because of those two BLABBER MOUTH MC`s during the fashion show. Other than that we did enjoyed showcasing our collection which adhere to the theme provided. :) Millions thanks to our ever oh so supportive models.

Coming Up!